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Program Standards

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The Harrison College of Pharmacy holds its students to the highest standards, academically and professionally. These standards include performance in the classroom, dress code, conduct, and actions in professional situations. Read through the links below to learn more about HCOP's standards:

Student Pledge of Professionalism

As a student of pharmacy, I believe there is a need to build and reinforce a professional identity founded on integrity, ethical behavior, and honor. This development, a vital process in my education, will help ensure that I am true to the professional relationship I establish between myself and society as I become a member of the pharmacy community. Integrity must be an essential part of my everyday life and I must practice pharmacy with honesty and commitment to service.

To accomplish this goal of professional development, I as a student of pharmacy should:

DEVELOP a sense of loyalty and duty to the profession of pharmacy by being a builder of community, one able and willing to contribute to the well being of others and one who enthusiastically accepts the responsibility and accountability for membership in the profession.

FOSTER professional competence through life long learning. I must strive for high ideals, teamwork and unity within the profession in order to provide optimal patient care.

SUPPORT my colleagues by actively encouraging personal commitment to the Oath of Maimonides and a Code of Ethics as set forth by the profession.

INCORPORATE into my life and practice, dedication to excellence. This will require an ongoing reassessment of personal and professional values.

MAINTAIN the highest ideals and professional attributes to ensure and facilitate the covenantal relationship required of the pharmaceutical care giver.

The profession of pharmacy is one that demands adherence to a set of rigid ethical standards. These high ideals are necessary to ensure the quality of care extended to the patients I serve. As a student of pharmacy, I believe this does not start with graduation; rather, it begins with my membership in the professional college community. Therefore, I must strive to uphold these standards as I advance toward full membership in the profession of pharmacy.

Last Updated: May 17, 2022