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 Brent Fox

Brent Fox

Director of Student Affairs
Units: Health Outcomes Research and Policy, Academic Programs
Auburn University
Harrison College of Pharmacy
4306h Walker Building
Auburn, AL 36849
Phone: 334-844-2932
Fax: 334-844-8307



  • B.S., Pharmacy - Auburn
  • Pharm.D., - Auburn
  • Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences - Auburn

Curriculum Vitae

Brent Fox, Pharm.D., Ph.D, is an Associate Professor in the Harrison College of Pharmacy's Department of Health Outcomes Research and Policy. Additionally, Dr. Fox serves as the Director of Student Affairs under the Associate Dean for Academic Programs. As part of this position, he provides leadership in creating a culture in which every HCOP student receives unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth from recruitment through graduation.

Funded Research

Title: Machine learning for adverse drug events
Submitted to: National Institutes of Health
Investigators: Page D (PI), Hansen R, Fox BI (Co-I)
Date: July 2015 – June 2020

Title: Comparative surveillance of generic drugs by machine learning
Submitted to: Food and Drug Administration
Investigators: Peissig P (PI), Hansen RA, Fox BI (Co-I), Qian J
Date: September 2015 – August 2019

Title: ASHP National Survey on Informatics: Assessment of the Adoption and Use of Pharmacy Informatics in US Hospitals
Submitted to: American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Investigators: Fox BI (PI), Pedersen C, Gumpper K
Date: April 2013-April 2014

Title: mHealth Innovation Laboratory
Submitted to: Office of the Vice President for Research, Auburn University
Investigators: Fox BI (Co-PI), Umphress DA
Date: February 2012-January 2013

Title: Developing a structured process for measuring and interpreting health outcomes of interest in the OMOP common data model
Source: Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP)
Investigators: Hansen RA (PI), Carpenter DM, Fox BI (Co-I), Gray MD
Date: 2011-2012

Title: The impact of iPharmacist® PDA on community pharmacy practice in Canada
Source: Apotex, Inc
Investigator: Fox BI (PI)
Date: 2009-2010


PYDI 5080 Foundations of Pharmacy
PYPC 5210 Pharmacy Practice Development, Management and Evaluation I
PYPC 5310 Pharmacy Practice Development, Management and Evaluation II
PYPC 7830 Research Methods in Health Sciences II
PYPC 7870 Social, Behavioral, and Administrative Aspects of Pharmacy Practice
PYPC 7950, 8950 Graduate Seminar
PYPC 8990 Research and Dissertation
NURS 3710 Professional Concepts
NURS 3711 Professional Concepts Laboratory

Graduate Students Advised

Ruth Jeminiwa (PhD)
Justin Owensby (PhD)
Yasser Alatawi (PhD)
Gladys Ekong (PhD)
Joshua Hollingsworth (PhD)
Saranrat Wittayanukorn (Master)
Benjamin Teeter (Master)
T. Wes Wilkerson (Master)

Research Interests

My research program is characterized by two broad domains: pharmacy informatics education and the use of health information technology (HIT) in clinical practice, with a focus on medication management activities. Specifically, in the first domain, I focus on the incorporation of pharmacy informatics into professional pharmacy programs leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. My second domain of research addresses the role of HIT in medication management. My current focus in this domain is the use of mobile devices to support health and wellness, known as mHealth. The overall goal of my research is to improve medication use and medication-related behaviors by both patients and providers to enable improved medication-related outcomes.

Selected Publications

Refereed Articles

Fox BI, Pedersen CA, Gumpper KF. ASHP national survey on informatics: Assessment of the adoption and use of pharmacy informatics in US hospitals – 2013. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. 2015;72(8):636-655.

Hansen RA, Gray M, Fox BI, Hollingsworth J*, Gao J, Hollingsworth M, Carpenter DM. Expert panel assessment of acute liver injury identification in observational data. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. 2014;10(1):156-167.

Fox BI, Hollingsworth JC*, Gray MD, Hollingsworth ML, Gao J, Hansen RA. Developing an expert panel process to refine health outcome definitions in observational data. Journal of Biomedical Informatics. 2013;46(5):795-804.

Clauson K, Elrod S, Fox BI, Hajar Z, Dzenowagis J. Opportunities for pharmacists in mobile health. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. 2013:70:1348-1352.

Fox BI, Flynn AJ, Fortier CR, Clauson KA. Knowledge, skills, and resources for pharmacy informatics education. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. 2011; 75(5):Article 93.

Stevenson TL, Fox BI, Andrus M, Carroll D. Implementation of a school-wide clinical intervention documentation system: Process and results. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. 2011; 75(5):Article 90.

Fox BI, Varadarajan R*. Use of Twitter to encourage interaction in a multi-campus pharmacy management course. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. 2011;75(5):Article 88.

Fox BI, McDonough SL, McConatha BJ, Marlowe KF. Establishing and maintaining a satellite campus connected by synchronous video conferencing. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. 2011;75(5):Article 91.

Fox BI, Andrus M, Hester EK, Byrd DC. Selecting a clinical intervention documentation system for an academic setting. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. 2011;75(2):Article 37.

Clauson KA, Seamon MJ, Fox BI. Pharmacists’ duty to warn in the age of social media. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. 2010;67(15):1290-1293.

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Figge HL, Fox BI, Tribble DA. Electronic prescribing of controlled substances. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. 2009;66(14):1311-1316.

Fox BI, Karcher RB, Flynn AJ, Mitchell SH. Analysis of pharmacy informatics syllabi in professional programs at US colleges of pharmacy. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. 2008;72(4): Article 89.

Fox BI, Felkey BG, Berger BA, Krueger KP, Rainer RK, Jr. The use of personal digital assistants for documentation of pharmacists’ interventions: A literature review. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. 2007;64:1516-25.


Fox BI, Thrower MR, Felkey BG. Building core competencies in pharmacy informatics. Washington, DC: American Pharmacists Association. 2010.

Felkey BG, Fox BI, Thrower MR. Health care informatics: A skills-based resource. Washington, DC: American Pharmacists Association. 2005.

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