The Destination for Pharmacy Education


The Division of Clinical Affairs and Outreach trains pharmacy students, from all years, and post-doctoral residents in multiple environments. The division accomplishes this training through the Experiential Programs Office, Clinical Health Services, and providing lectures in the Practice Ready Curriculum and continuing education seminars.

As part of the Clinical Health Services unit, the division has state-of-the art facilities, equipment, robotics, and resources, along with advanced, innovative practice models. We use these resources to take care of patients and train professional students (pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and nurses).

Experiential Learning

  • Comprised of introductory pharmacy practice experience (IPPE) and advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) programs. This provides pharmacy students with hands on involvement in a variety of pharmacy practices, such as community and institutional pharmacies, ambulatory care clinics, and more.
  • The co-curriculum is student involvement in activities and learning experiences that complement, augment and/or advance what is learned in the formal didactic and experiential curricula. The four areas primarily focused on are advocacy, professionalism, continuous professional development, and leadership.
  • At HSOP, students are involved in interprofessional education activities each year to develop skills to become a competent healthcare professional that can work with others to enhance the care of patients. Students will be assigned and must complete interprofessional education activities required by HSOP to meet ACPE accreditation standards for practice-ready graduates.

Clinical Health Services

  • Introduces upcoming second-year (P2) pharmacy students to the community pharmacy setting as part of their IPPE education.
  • Introduces and trains third-(P3) and fourth-year (P4) pharmacy students in our CHS pharmacies, CHS clinics, and Drug Information Center as a continuation of their experiential learning.
  • The “Pack It Up” Club, as a CHS service organization, trains students as certified smoking cessation counselors.
  • Trains four PGY-1 residents in ambulatory care in an ASHP-accredited residency program and one PGY-1 community resident within CHS.
  • Provides education and training to nurse practitioner students with our interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers at the State Wellness Center.

Practice Ready Curriculum

  • Many CAO faculty teach P1-P3 students on a variety of pharmaceutical subjects, including osteoporosis, hypertension, biopharmaceutics, research, evidence-based medicine, and more.

Continuing Education

  • Alumni and Professional Affairs aims to provide relevant and timely continuing education and training for healthcare professionals.

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Last Updated: January 14, 2021