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Student administering blood pressure check on patient

As a land-grant university, Auburn has a special mission to serve the community beyond campus. For more than a century, Auburn University Outreach has been working with citizens, professionals, businesses, schools and government to help people meet their educational goals and to improve quality of life all across our state.

Within the Harrison College of Pharmacy, our faculty, staff, and students are committed to being involved with the citizens of Alabama and working to improve the health outcomes through various programs and initiatives.

Faculty Practice Sites

Harrison School of Pharmacy has many faculty practice sites stationed throughout the state of Alabama, and parts of Georgia. These clinical facilities provide specialized patient care to a variety of patient populations. Practice sites include:

  • East Alabama Medical Center
  • UAB Medical Center
  • UAB Family Practice
  • UAB School of Medicine in Huntsville
  • University of South Alabama Medical Center
  • University of South Alabama, Women and Children’s Hospital
  • Copeland Care Clinic
  • Baptist Health System, Montgomery
  • Columbus Regional Medical Center
  • Continuity Clinic at Trinity Medical Center
  • Central Alabama Veteran’s Health Care System
  • Druid Community Medical Center Hospital
  • Princeton Baptist Hospital
  • Kirkland Clinic

Student Experience

Being a part of the Harrison College of Pharmacy Family means more than just being a student. Outside of the regular school-structured patient visits, students provide outreach through HCOP’s student organizations.

This is an opportunity to apply what is learned in class to a real-life practice setting all while showing the community numerous ways pharmacists can serve them. While all organizations have their own service projects, there are also opportunities for all student organizations to collaborate to provide health services to the community while advocating for the profession.

Living up to Auburn’s mission as a land-grant university, students embrace these outreach opportunities to keep the community healthy and informed. Health fairs typically include services such as blood pressure, blood glucose screenings, cholesterol screenings, immunizations and information on health services such as smoking cessation and medication management.

Last Updated: February 14, 2023